Telecel Reviewing Bundle Price On The 23rd Of June

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

Telecel has announced via it’s social media channels that it will be reviewing prices for bundles on the 23rd of June i.e tomorrow.

To our valued customers

Please be advised that we will be reviewing our data bundle prices with effect from 23 June

Telecel hasn’t reviewed their bundle pricing as frequently as their rivals, with their last review coming on the 9th of May. Traditionally, Telecel’s pricing has also been more palatable than that of Econet and NetOne so I I expect that after tomorrow’s review they will continue to be the cheapest mobile network operator.

Econet, and NetOne reviewed their pricing last week so it’s not too surprising that Telecel would follow suit, especially when you consider that Telecel rakes in the least of all these and the currency has been devalued pretty significantly since their last review.


What’s your take?

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