Remain calm and keep transacting, EcoCash tells its customers

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EcoCash Zimbabwe, Bill Manager, Automatic Bill Payments

In a sudden and a hugely ill advised move, the government yesterday announced that they were suspending all mobile money transactions with immediate effect. As expected, EcoCash has responded.

Here is their statement to their subscribers:

Dear Valued Customers,

We are aware of a statement purporting to have been issued by the Secretary for Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services that purports to ban all mobile money transactions.

However, EcoCash is regulated by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and would naturally expect a directive of that nature and significance to be communicated by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

We urge all Ecocash users who exceed 10 million Zimbabweans, the majority of whom do not have bank accounts, to remain calm and to continue to do your lawful transactions as usual. Should there be any changes, we shall give you adequate notice as required by law.

DIAL *151#
Live life the EcoCash way

We of course expect EcoCash and possible a host of businesses and individuals to take the government to court over this madness.


What’s your take?

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  1. Donald

    The government should consider the people who do not have bank accounts is a much greater disadvantage to the people living in rural areas and much worse students taking lessons online ..they make their payments through EcoCash…This is totally not fair

  2. Panganayi Clement Mutsena

    They should just go to the basics,why blame advanced techs in Zim.The gvt and rbz must reform or resign because they have failed.A bad workman blames his own tools.