Kenya’s Safaricom And Google Join Forces To launch Affordable YouTube Bundle.

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Safaricom and Google have join forces to combine their data capabilities to launch an affordable YouTube bundle for Kenyans.

In an effort to increase the exposure of their customers during this lockdown period. Safaricom through its partnership with Google introduced the KES 10 Bundle.

What is the KES 10 Bundle?

“The new daily bundle, which will be free on the first day for first-time subscribers, will offer 80MBs for use on YouTube, which is equivalent to up to 30 minutes of standard definition streaming and up to an hour of low definition streaming.”


KES 10 Bundle started on the 15th of May and it ends on the 19th of August.

“Through this proposition, we want to leverage our extensive 4G coverage to ensure that customers who could not previously enjoy the power of the internet can access a new world of content in an affordable manner from the comfort of their phones. With as little as 10 shillings, customers can now learn a new skill, attend virtual concerts or keep up with their favourite local content.”

Peter Ndegwa Safricom CEO

This is an amazing initiative, there are many opportunities to learn and be entertained on YouTube. Google and its affiliates are a vast resourse and while people shelter in place they have access to new ideas. Something I wouldn’t mind our local Telecommunication companies to mimick.

That isn’t the only thing I’d like our telecoms companies to copy. Safricom has a no expiration date for airtime and data. They even list a raft of measure to save data, turning off features in apps that will drain a user’s data.

Customer focused packages like these are refreshing to see and I hope they inspire companies in neighbouring countries to pursue the same.

What’s your take?

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