EcoCash Launches Promotion To Promote Bank To Wallet Transactions

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Most news around EcoCash has lately been about the continuous restrictions being placed on their platform by regulators. Such restrictions have implications on the platform’s utility (usefulness). It looks as if the mobile money company wants to pre-empt any possible exodus of users off the platform.

We don’t think there is much risk of an exodus of customers really but there is some risk of the exodus of money off the platform or that there will be a reduction in the amount of money users will deposit into their EcoCash wallets. To encourage deposits onto the ecosystem, EcoCash has launched a promotion to reward bank to wallet transactions:

Bank to wallet transactions are now the most important means for feeding liquidity onto mobile money ecosystems in Zimbabwe.


What’s your take?

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  1. James

    Correct your title, it’s bank to wallet

  2. Yanis Star

    The banks are penalizing the bank go wallet transaction such that the incentive coming from this promotion is not attractive enough. I would suggest that they review the ECOCASH charges so that customers can be attracted by the affordable charges. They should also review the limits upwards.

    1. Anonymous

      Some banks are even restricting the amount of money you can move from bank to Ecocash. I have tried to move more than ZWL$1 000.00 at one time and the bank limits me to less than that. At times it bank to wallet of ZWL$400 only at one time. Econet needs to communicate this problem we are facing with some banks, it’s now a hurdle to do bank to wallet.

  3. Jealous Sikayi

    Well i have struggled for weeks to do a simple bank to Wallet transfer with the platform simply saying “Try again next time”
    To make matters, my bank balance has been changing every day without any withdrawals made.
    Upon querying the challenges, i got no joy from the the Ecocash WhatsApp platform or Steward Bank Sosho platform either.

  4. Anonymous

    Ecocash nyaya yebank to wallet ndaneta hangu nemi. Dai manyarara kuti ziii henyu, I’m enough of this nonsense.