EcoCash Launches Online Portal For Registration Of Agents & Merchants

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EcoCash has launched a self-service portal which enables agents, merchants, billers, bulk payers and payroll channel partners to submit applications without need to physically visit Econet shops.

The self-service portal is open to both existing and prospective channel partners and will allow them to enter their KYC (know your customer) documents, with applications being processed online.

Considering that EcoCash had to block 6000 agents because RBZ isn’t happy with how they are handling KYC procedures this platform could be meant to help those agents reupload their information to meet the standards required by regulation faster than it would’ve taken them to do physically.

The goal is to on-board as many channel partners as we can, virtually. We are aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about various challenges to businesses in the country, limiting the mobility of our channel partners.

Natalie Jabangwe – EcoCash CEO

Agents, Merchants and other channel partners applying through this portal will also be able to track their applications & receive SMS notifications on the progress of said applications.

EcoCash CEO emphasised the fact that this platform will enable them onboard partners much quicker than before:

Through this self-service portal, our channel partners can do everything from their home or offices without the need to take physical applications to our shops. The relevant approvals for all applications will also be done virtually, which makes the process better and simpler, and much quicker than before

Hopefully, this means EcoCash will handle KYC with the necessary caution going forward.

Visit EcoCash’s partner application portal

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