Apple’s WWDC Is Happening Today, Things To Look Out For

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Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference is happening today at 7pm Local Time. The conference, because of the global pandemic is now going virtual. You can stream the event on Apple’s YouTube account.

Here’s what to look out for

Operating System Updates

This event is usually where Apple announces updates and new features to their operating systems. There have been rumours that Apple is planning to unveil iOS 14 for their range of devices. If this doesn’t come to fruition there will be some update to iOS 13.


Apple has reportedly been working on an in-house processor for it’s MacBooks. The chip is called the “AMR” and there could be an announcement on that move tonight.

There have been images circulating the web of what the new iPhone could look like and the specifications that it will have. I guess we will see tonight what the new offering from Apple is capable of, if it’s announced at all.

There are a number of other features that I hope will finally be announced. iMessenger for Android for example, I can understand why it hasn’t yet happened. The draw of Apple products are the features and services one can’t get from another manufacturer. Apple however offers Apple Music for Android so if it doesn’t happen tonight then maybe it will soon.

Another that I hope to see is Apple allowing users to choose their own default apps. If this feature can come preloaded in to Apple phones it will definitely enhance the experience. They may not go as far as doing that for all apps but if it happened for some it would be a win.

What’s your take?

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