AFGRI Launches an Equipment Rental platform “AXL” (South Africa)

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AFGRI Agri Services on May 20th, 2020 launched a farming equipment sharing platform called Axl. This a platform that seeks to give farmers across South Africa an easier means of acquiring equipment that for some farmers is expensive to purchase.

What is “Axl”?

In a nutshell, Axl allows farmers to find, rent, and pay for agricultural equipment through a secure online portal, enabling service providers – equipment owners, retailers, and contractors – to build their business and grow revenue streams and optimising the process of renting out their machines. Axl provides world-class payment solutions that ease the cash-flow challenges for service providers while connecting renters to a quality rated service.


Access to machinery for farmers especially those starting out is extremely difficult. One would only need to ask a Zimbabwean farmer who has started farming tobacco about how they went door to door asking for bailing box.

How did this come about?

“When we set about developing the concept, we understood that with farming comes many unforeseen challenges, we wanted to build a community of quality-rated equipment service providers to be there for farmers when they need them the most. Uncertainty and change are something we will never see the back of, it is inherent in our lives now and going forward. We are adapting and excited to embark on this journey with our Axl customers,”

Niki Neumann Head of AFGRI’s strategic Innovation Division, AFGRI Technology Services (“ATS’’)

Who is this platform open to?

 “Whether it is a small, emerging, or large commercial farmer, this is an ongoing challenge for farmers of all sizes. Especially now, as the global pandemic has left global supply chains under immense pressure, uncertainty remains in the minds of our customers and currency volatility has resulted in the increase in equipment costs,” 

Niki Neumann Head of AFGRI’s strategic Innovation Division, AFGRI Technology Services (“ATS’’)

Farmers can have a market to fully utilise their farming implements even when they are not planting anything that season which eases cash flow concerns and helps them prepare for the following season.

“It will further allow equipment owners to fully utilise their equipment throughout the year, and I am optimistic that this platform will change the way we utilise farm equipment in the future.”

Patrick Roux, Managing Director of AFGRI Equipment

I think this is a very good idea. One place where farmers can access vital equipment makes the process of venturing into farming less daunting. Some pieces of equipment like combine harvesters are very expensive even for those who have been farming for years. To get access to a selection of them puts everything in the farmers hands. It is very good for farmers offering their equipment they can offset costs of maintenance, servicing and other things with this platform.

What’s your take?

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