Safeguard Selling Security System That Uses Facial Recognition

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Safeguard Securities, on of Zimbabwe’s top security companies is selling biometric systems that use facial recognition software to control access to premises.

The system Safeguard is selling allows a business (or whoever thinks they need such access control) to pre-load images of the people who are authorised to have access. The photos are then used to automatically generate a face template which is store in a database. The database can store up to 6 000 templates.

The system has dual cameras that can scan a person approaching the door form a distance of 3 metres. The cameras can scan at angles of up to 30 degrees and the Safeguard Alarms Managing Director, Reason Chtiva says their system is able to accurately scan the face of a person looking at their mobile phone as they approach the door.

Besides facial recognition, the system allows other access control options like fingerprint scanning and RFID tags. With all the rage about COVID 19 and why touching publicly accessed surfaces is being discouraged, Safeguard is making a bet that facial recognition will be one of the preferred methods of access control.

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    Great stuff !!!!