ZOL Runs Out Of LTE SIMs Nationwide, It Could Be Coronavirus Related

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In a surprising turn of events, ZOL has reportedly run out of data sim cards for their WiBroniks packages.

We initially got a tip regarding this earlier this week, with different sources suggesting the SIMs were in high demand and had run out.

Customers have claimed that they’ve been notified when they go to ZOL shops that the lines are out of stock, with one customer in particular, claiming they were told that the cards are out of stock nationwide until the 11th of March.

Earlier today ZOLs Twitter account also confirmed that the data lines were out of stock but it seems they aren’t too sure when they will resolve the current issues as they suggested a potential customer to “please keep checking”

In Bulawayo the wait for LTE lines seems to have been a problem since February with one customer saying they’ve been waiting for the cards since 20 February:

It could be coronavirus related

Unverified sources are also suggesting the TelOne has run out of modems as well and they are attempting to buy back old modems from inactive customers. The reason: the coronavirus epidemic and the resulting near shut down of the Chinese economy is affecting supply of the hardware into Zimbabwe.

Global tech giant Apple announced that they have a growing backlog in supplying iPhones due to the coronavirus. Looks like the vulnerability of China reliant supply chains is affecting Zimbabwe too.

Of course, the secondary issue could be the scarcity of foreign currency in Zimbabwe right now. This means local companies have a limited inventory of whatever they import at any given time because they definitely can’t afford to lock up forex in warehouses in the form of inventory. So the internet subscription services sold by ZOL and TelOne are not necessarily selling like hot buns all of sudden.

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