Local Startup Hosting Cellphone Repair Lessons

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Ixar mobile Technologies Academy

At a time when jobs are extremely hard to come by, Zimbos are doing whatever they can to upskill themselves and become a part of the economy regardless of whether or not that participation is formal or informal.

We recently, went to Batanai gardens to attend a mobile phone repair class hosted by Ixar Cellphone Repair Academy. The founder of Ixar, Tinofara Mutovongi has been repairing phones for over a year and a half now but in October he decided to go a step further and start sharing that knowledge.

Every month for the past 6 months, Ixar has hosted cellphone repair classes with about 10 students for each intake. The students have been taken through a syllabus that touches on the following;

  • Business dynamics of cell phone repair;
  • Introduction to cell phone technologies
  • Workshop procedures and tools
  • Diagnose and assembly procedures
  • Water repair damage
  • Soldering
  • Screen refurbishing
  • Software

Above all, we want to emphasize professionalism as we strive to change the industry from being crowded by untrained people who become crooks and shortchanging their clients.

Tinofara Mutovongi – Ixar Mobile CEO

Participants can enrol for a two or four-week course which are priced at US$50 and US$100 respectively at the end of which they’ll have the skills to start repairing cellphones along with a certificate of competence issued by Ixar Cellphone Repairs.

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  1. anti covid 19

    do they supply face masks at no extra cost whilst participating in the course?

  2. wokenman

    HEZVOOO – $50 kudzidziswa nemunhu angori ne one year experience. Tenga ma bundle, dzidzira pa YouTube hako. Gotta respect the hustle though – pusisa vanhu 2020!

  3. Grind Holdings

    The cost of repairing is more expensive these days as to buying a new product weather it’s phone or TV….I’m actually disappointed in you guys…I thought you were ahead of technology and logistics….the real people who are making a change that’s impactful in life are the guys selling phones online on a organized level wiping out Zimex mall habit…

  4. Anonymous

    Can i have your personal whatsap number

  5. Albert

    Contact me on 0776882849/0719882849. I’m ready to start lessons