EcoCash Distances Self From Fake Customer Service Number

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

EcoCash took to their social media channels to warn subscribers using the mobile money service to avoid interfacing with a certain fake support number claiming to process instant renewals.

The fake support number has been associated with the following message:

Econet Urgent Notice

Don’t be delayed by calling EcoCash for reversals and hanging transactions simply contact the 24hr Econet EcoCash customers service and get assistance in a matter seconds.


EcoCash advised that this is false and the only ways to get assistance via official channels are as follows:

  1. Call on 114
  2. Write to their Facebook (@EcoCashZim) and Twitter (EcoCashZW)
  3. SMS/WhatsApp on 0771 222 114
  4. Visit any Econet shop
  5. Visit EcoCash Mini Service Centres


What’s your take?

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  1. Mike Rukwava

    So apart from telling us that it’s fake message, Econet can’t even get the fool arrested or block his line 🤔

    1. valz

      i wonder

  2. Anonymous

    These are indeed in corporate suicide🥵,Their call centre and WhatsApp number is never replied to !These crooks are taking advantage of this open space

  3. Mukanya

    Get your act together and forget about subjecting us to callous lullaby!

  4. Mini

    I sent USD256 via mobile money my son received USD$144. Please tell me how this can be legally allowed & why anyone should use mobile money ???

  5. Tapiwa

    I sent 5000 thru Zim online. Ecocash deducted but it didnt reach the destination

    You have successfully paid RTGS$5000.0 to ZIMBABWE ON LINE PVT LTD (74066) Merchant. Txn ID MP210726.1542.L92088. New wallet balance is RTGS$965.4.

  6. Dwein

    Hie for the past two days I have tried bank to wallet bank balance gets deducted but there is nothing in my ecocash.exactly what is going on