Are You A Developer And Would Love To Join Techzim?

Tinashe Nyahasha Avatar

Hey, we are looking for driven coders who are interested in joining in the work we do.

We are making this call for applications quite open, we are looking for broad skillsets in different areas of our business. This is a good opportunity for you to tell us exactly what you are good at, what kinda stuff you like working on and the stuff you have done in the past.

Without getting too specific (Like I said we are trying to be broad), we have built on the web, built for mobile and built in the cloud. This is to just give you an idea of how open this call is.

We really hate CV’s, please don’t send us your CV. We prefer to hear from you in a human voice.

So how do you apply?

Email us at Tell us why you are the right person to join Techzim. Also let us know the programming languages you are proficient in and the language(s) you are currently learning and why.

Here are tasks that we need you to fulfill to help us understand how much of a fit you are:

Task 1

In two paragraphs or less, tell us what you would change on and how you would implement that change and of course why you would be making such a change.

Task 2

In two paragraphs or less, tell us what you have built in the last six months including the technologies and programming language(s) you used. Send us a link to the project.

This call for applications closes at end day Friday 27th March 2020.

We look forward to getting your email. All the best

PS: Techzim is fully remote so you can apply from wherever you are


What’s your take?

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Nyahasha. I understand you guys are looking for different skillsets, but your advert is vague. The problem with vague adverts is they waste peoples time and attract chancers. In my opinion, list the skillsets you are looking for. Be as specific as possible, this will limit the number of applicants you have to shortlist.

    1. Tinashe Nyahasha

      In the past we actually got chancers who would claim to have the skills listed making the weaning process much longer, less efficient and porous. This way (the vague way) we will respond to respondents according to what they tell us: those with skills we need will proceed to next stage and we will let those with a different set of skills know that we are not looking for those skills currently.

      I know though that it sucks to apply and be told you shouldn’t have. It’s also difficult when folks lie about what they can do…. Please forgive

      1. Anonymous

        I see, have you tried the approach of giving a coding assignment or Hackerrank tests as the initial test?

        1. Tinashe Nyahasha

          Very good idea actually.

          My (personal) natural bias is to establish whether there is cultural fit and alignment of broader values and attitude before even considering skill. That bias betrays itself in the way I choose to recruit I think.

          BUT, I think you are right. We should try testing out and filtering out at least at the broad most basic level of skill

    2. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      I agree with their Anonymous. Testing if an individual possesses a particular skill is trivial in the programming domain. Don’t skimp on using technology, whilst claiming to be forwarding thinking and tech savvy.

  2. Gabriel Musodza

    Interested I really need a Job