UNICAF, The “eLearning University” Receives Licence To Operate In Zim

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I wouldn’t be surprised if you know a thing or two about UNICAF University by now. For the uninitiated UNICAF is a “PAN-African university offering high-quality¬†qualifications”, and if you don’t know anyone actually doing their distance learning with the university then you’ll most probably have bumped into their adverts whilst browsing through the web.

That very same university has provisional accreditation to set up operations in Zimbabwe from Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE). This will allow them to set up operations locally and combine their existing e-learning platform with a face-to-face institution.

UNICAF Zimbabwe Chancellor Prof. Cuthbert Katsvanga shared that one of the condition’s of their accreditation includes helping local universities to set up their own Virtual Learning Environment’s which means local universities will (in the future) be setting up their own e-learning systems

With the opportunity offered by the internet, the presence of UNICAF in Zimbabwe will offer locals a new way of learning with UNICAF offering qualifications by partnering the following institutions:

  • The University of Suffolk in the UK
  • Liverpool John Moores University in the UK
  • California University, Riverside Extension in the USA
  • multi-campus Unicaf University in Africa

The Virtual Learning Environment

Unicaf delivers it’s study material online through it’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). UNICAF’s International Marketing Manager Ria Argyrides said this platform offers current and future students flexibility by taking advantage of the internet:

The Unicaf VLE enables access to study materials 24/7, regular contact with tutors, fellow students and professionals in many different countries, and access to extensive e-libraries. Our students can study in their own free time and from anywhere in the world, provided they have access to the Internet.

UNICAF’s International Marketing Manager Ria Argyrides

Can I already register with UNICAF Zimbabwe?

At this time you can’t register with UNICAF Zimbabwe. The provisional accreditation they’ve received doesn’t allow them to start enrolling students but instead to start preparing to do so

For Zimbabwe, we will start recruiting soon after our programmes are accredited by ZIMCHE. What we got is known as institutional provisional accreditation for us to start preparing for enrolling students.

UNICAF Zimbabwe Chancellor Prof. Cuthbert Katsvanga

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