Twitter Finally Adding Option For Users To Upload High-Quality Images

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Very few things irritate me as much as social media/messaging apps compressing media uploads. Whilst I understand the need for compression – data is expensive and storage is finite and companies would rather have as little- having the option to choose what quality you upload.

And that choice is what Twitter is deciding their users should have. iOS users of the Twitter application can upload images in 4k resolution (that’s high-quality to the uninitiated)

On Twitter for iOS, you can view such high-quality images uploaded by pressing and holding on images and it will show the “load 4K option”.If you have an iPad or iPhone, try to view photos like this one below.

The option doesn’t seem to be available for Android users just yet but it’s likely it will come to the platform at a later date. That’s just how features are rolled out.

Twitter now limits photo uploads at 4096 x 4096 pixels which is 16MP as a square,12MP as a portrait or landscape, maximum of 5MB and needs to be JPEG.

4K is synonymous with higher quality and is a widely used marketing phrase but in actuality, it’s just 8.8MP and one of Twitter’s developers shared that the 4k uploads will be those above 9MP.

Hopefully, WhatsApp can follow suit and offer full-resolution uploads so that when people are sharing pictures they don’t lose quality without the user’s control. Some users have the data and storage and would welcome the choice.

What’s your take?

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