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Ever wondered how social media influencers make money? It’s crazy to think that influencer marketing is less than a decade old, yet it has completely changed the way brands advertise.

I’ve since been using Humanz app to collaborate and bid on really cool campaigns. I’ve done this thread to help fellow influencers to understand how the app works and how you can bid for campaigns.


First, you need to download the app on your app store: available for both iOS and Android. Type “Humanz” in the search bar. Once it’s downloaded, you need to link your social media profiles ( Instagram, YT, twitter ) this can be done under the setting bar in the app.

The Humanz app also presents you with insights from your profiles, including quality of audience, engagement graph and Humanz score. This will help you to better understand your audience and know what to improve. Brands will also choose your bids based on some of these insights.

Under the setting panel, you will see “payment details”. Now here you need to add your banking details so that brands can pay you for the work you have done. Save the settings and go to the app home page.

On the app home page, you will see a list of cool campaigns available for you to bid publicly. Basically, when you bid for a campaign, notifying the advertiser that you are interested in collaborating with them.

Some campaigns are private. Meaning, advertisers will select influencers they want to work with privately through invitation. Look out for these invitations in your inbox.


Let’s focus on public bids for now. Before you bid, you might want to click on that particular campaign to see what’s required. Brands include a detailed brief on what the campaign is about, tasks and what they require influencers to do. Read the brief/campaign background carefully before you place your bid.


Once you have placed a bid (your required amount) you will notice a status change “waiting for a response”. Brands will then review your profile to see if you are what they looking for. some bids take longer but don’t worry, you can also inbox the advertiser to enquire.

Once your Bid has been accepted you need to upload your content for approval. Could be a story, a tweet or Instagram post, depending on the campaign brief. It’s very important that you submit these before you post, unless otherwise.


Once you have uploaded your content, your status will be changed to “waiting for approval”. Once the content is approved, you will receive a notification “content approved, you can now post”. Some advertisers even inbox to inform you of the approval.

After posting, you need to link your posts to the app. This gives the advertiser an opportunity to track the post’s performance. Usually, these are story screenshot counts (24hrs) and tweet links.


Once you are done with this campaign, you then wait for payment, which advertisers indicate payment period during the brief. For example 10 days/30 days. You will also notice a status change under your payment settings. (unpaid/waiting for payment).


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Katlego Masupa is a social media influencer who originally shared the above knowledge in a twitter thread. You can follow him on Twitter, Instagram

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