NetOne’s Hourly Data Bundle; A Good Deal?

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Expiring data bundles have always been pretty controversial. Whilst subscribers complain that sometimes they can’t use up their data during the 24 hour period, mobile networks claim these expiry dates allow them to squeeze out as much value as possible.

NetOne has taken the idea of an expiring bundle to its last leg by introducing a $10 for 1GB data bundle that lasts for 1 hour. 60 mins!

When I heard this I thought if people complain about the daily bundle there’ll be some uproar regarding this offering but I think there’s a lot of value in this bundle.

A good place to begin when comparing the value of this offering is by looking at the daily 1GB already on offer. Getting 1.2GB for 24 hours will set you back $50.

Now if you want to binge-watch a show or download something large you’re probably going to be better off downloading 5 hourly bundles and getting 5GB. In a different scenario, i.e you’re away from your wifi connectivity for the whole day but you still want to have access to your apps then maybe you can settle for the 24-hour bundle.

Ultimately, it boils down to having more choice and the flexibility to tailor your experience exactly how you want it. That’s why offerings like Yo Mix are pretty popular (at least when it’s offering discounts) and it’s also why the NetOne hourly bundle is a good deal.



What’s your take?

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  1. Anonymous

    ah why ari sloly

  2. wokenman

    There is a lot of heavy “session usage” scenarios so I think its a clever option – I had been personally actually wishing for something like this. Just as long as they keep meeting a decent speed standard this will be great for those live broadcasting/VOD streaming/gaming/group research and download sessions. It’s necessary for them too: I think with Telone Blaze and ZOL Wibroniks coming so strong, Netone needed something innovative to offer. It wont match those directly on price, but they have their issues like device and geographical restriction – so I think Netone could be on to something here. It’s not the next BIG THING but it will certainly find its own group of fans.