NetOne CEO Lazarus Muchenje Suspended

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Lazarus Muchenje, NetOne

The second largest MNO in Zimbabwe by number of subscribers, NetOne has suspended its CEO, Lazarus Muchenje. The development is mind boggling to say the least considering that Muchenje has shown positive results bringing more hope at the parastatal than has been in a very long time.

Muchenje has been suspended by the board together with his CFO. This comes after three board members resigned from their positions recently in protest to ‘unprofessional conduct’ within the boardroom. The board members who resigned include the Chairman himself.

Our sources tell us there is a bigger political agenda that is unfolding and Muchenje has had a target on his back for a long time. There were numerous audits that were ordered and done in the past few months pointing towards a witch hunt or perhaps Lazarus had already been designated as ‘the witch’ and the political players were simply just looking for evidence.

If indeed Muchenje abused his office, he has to face the music no matter how great a job he has been doing. If it is just politics however, then this is just sad and of course infuriating.


What’s your take?

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  1. wokenman

    Six audits before suspending someone – Muchenje’s legal advisers should have some fun with that. A clear witch hunt – there must be something in the law or corporate guidelines about a board wasting that much resources coz audits themselves are not cheap.

  2. nyasha makamba

    Mutandiro is surely having a happy day

  3. nyasha makamba

    So sad because the man was surely doing a splendid resuscitation of Netone

  4. SG

    who is paying ma auditors acho

  5. Sagitarr

    In my view if you would like unsullied success with “no blood on the floor” stay far away from ZPF’s stained politics and work for private business or NGOs…it’s frustrating to have to please people who know absolutely nothing about corporate governance or business administration because they simply haven’t achieved anything on their own…most likely riding on the current political trojan where views of grade 2 (gun-toting) primary school dropouts matter more than level-headed individuals. The country is cursed…even those with dead olfactory sensory neurons can smell the odour of decay engulfing and choking us all. These are the dark ages in Zimbabwe……aimless applause based more on emotion and stupidity rather than logic pays a helluva lot more. Check the entire civil service…..the police…the army….desperate parents doing the dirty work to please mortal beings who can kick the bucket any time….