Netflix Will Now Save 20% Data For Certain Videos On Android Devices

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

There are fewer things that put a strain on data than streaming videos on platforms such as Netflix and YouTube. Netflix has introduced a new video codex that will utilise 20% less data than usual on Android devices.

The AV1 codec – which is enabling this magic – compresses data more efficiently than the V9 coded which is currently more common. The data savings will come at no cost to quality which means you’re saving data without compromising on your viewing experience.

The AV1 codec is the product of work by Google, Intel, Amazon and other companies developed with the intent to develop royalty-free codecs that will eliminate licensing payments and improve the streaming experience.

There have been reports that the data-saving option might come with a tradeoff since it requires more computing power to operate. There are fears that it will result in battery drain in smartphones but at this point, that’s speculation based on the fact that enabling AV1 codec on YouTube comes with a warning that power consumption will be increased.

For now, the data-saving option will only be available on Android devices, but in future Netflix will roll it out to all other platforms.

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