MPs Ask For Lessons To Use Tablets

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The issue of tablets in parliament has been a topical ever since the announcement was made that members of parliament would be getting the devices last year.

Actually, MPs were originally set to receive tablets from the World Bank back in 2017, and that didn’t materialise and even if it didn’t it wouldn’t have caused commotion as it did last year. When announced last year some people argued that the money could be put to better use but I, on the other hand, thought the adoption of these devices would turn out to be a great thing.

Anyway, the MPs didn’t end up getting iPads as promised but have gotten Samsung tablets instead, and there’s a new problem… They don’t know how to use them. At least that’s the position according to Hon. Temba Mliswa:

I would also like to say these tablets that we got – I think we need to have a 30-minute lesson for all of us because some of us are used to the I-phone and not Samsung.

So anybody who needs further education on it can then see the ICT specialists. I think an understanding is needed

Temba Mliswa

There are two sides to this, a number of people believe that some of our MPs aren’t tech-savvy as indicated by their absence from social media platforms. But if you can use an iPhone I doubt it would be that difficult to switch over to an Android device. Maybe this is why Hon. Mliswa suggests that the lesson be short.

Secondly, I think it’s fair to assume these MPs use smartphones – Mliswa being one of those- so it won’t be too difficult to find their way around the tablets which work similarly to their mobile devices.

Ultimately, both MPs and Cabinet members just have to adjust to the paperless revolution since this is part of the government’s eGovernment strategy.

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  1. brains first

    i think all they need is a 30 minute lesson on how to use their brains !!