Local Startup Needs Help Naming Their Mobile App. You Might Get A Prize

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Housing Hub is one of the best (if not the best) places for local university students to secure off-campus accommodation.

The startup has decided that now is the best time to create and launch a mobile application:

We believe mobile apps are taking over and we believe they are the next thing. Imagine having an app where you login, look for your accomodation and you can also find someone to come clean your house.

Having to login to the website each time but having an app on hand will be much much easier.

In the past, the Housing Hub team didn’t work on launching a mobile app because they hadn’t done the market research, something they’ve done over the past year and will finish off with the current promotion I’ll touch on in a bit.

When Marvellous contacted me saying they wanted to create a mobile application I was a bit apprehensive. My biggest worry was what would someone do after securing accommodation using the application?

He reassured me that they had given some thought to this:

We didn’t launch in the past because we hadn’t done enough market research but after doing this promotion combined with the work that we’ve done over the past year we’ve gathered enough information for us to launch an app that students will not download and uninstall soon after they find accomodation.

This will be an app that they will keep throughout the semester because they feel it’s contributing value.

Whilst, you would expect that the app would simply be named Housing Hub, Marvellous Nyongoro the Founder and CEO of the startup chose to take a different route.

Why? They are giving their core users (i.e the market) a choice and realigning their brand to what it is they feel their market wants. Basically they are using the launch of this mobile application as an opportunity to rebrand themselves and offer more than just accommodation.

This is where Housing Hub needs your help. They need you to help them pick the name of their application and by doing so you could win $600 worth of rent, $100 worth of airtime along with other prizes.

How do you participate in the UBA USA promotion? Firstly, like and follow Housing Hub’s social media pages (Facebook and Twitter), suggest a name for their upcoming mobile application and suggest one student related feature you’d want on the app:

To qualify for the prizes you must not suggest trademarked names for obvious reasons.

What’s your take?

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