How Secure Is Your Website? Here Are Some Tools To Perform The Checks

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

Recently, one of our readers got in touch with us and urged us to look at some website security tools, to establish just how secure our website. This particular reader had checked and the scores for Techzim were far from optimal.

With this knowledge in mind, we felt it would be good to share these tools which check just how secure the websites you’re responsible for are.

Mozilla Observatory is one of the tools we used and the tool and they claim to have helped “over 170,000 websites by teaching developers, system administrators, and security professionals how to configure their sites safely and securely.”

The website works in a pretty simple way, on the homepage, you simply enter your websites URL into the text bar and it runs a number of tests to see if you have a number of vulnerabilities to issues such as clickjacking, man in the middle attacks, phishing attacks and a lot more.

It also gives you access to a number of third-party test scores for your site, which might show you other vulnerabilities you might have missed or inversely your websites current strengths which are also important.

Another tool you can use is ImmuniWeb which allows you to check web application security and privacy checks, including publicly known vulnerabilities, outdated software running on the remote server, HTTP methods, HTTP headers.

Lastly, you can also use Web Cookies Scanner is an all-in-one website vulnerability scanning tool that also analyzes three different types of cookies, such as third-party domain cookies, persistent cookies and session cookies.

It’s important to note that there are many such tools so it’s important to use a few and see the vulnerabilities and strengths that pop up for your website.

What’s your take?

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