CBZ Surprises Customers By Promising To Lower POS Charges

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CBZ took to Twitter to assure their customers that they were hearing their cries. Considering the fact banks have been steadily raising charges over the last year, it came as a welcome surprise when CBZ announced that they would be lowering their charges.

We have heard, we have listened and we have complied.

To our valued clients

We have taken into consideration your concerns regarding POS charges and proud to announce we are in the process of reviewing these downwards.

We will advise as the new charges as soon as they are effected.

Thank you for your continued support and we value your feedback.

CBZ on their Twitter

This is a positive move that will provide much-needed relief to the wallets of CBZ customers as bank charges have long become unbearable for most if not all banks, since banks are now using POS and transaction charges as their main source of revenue.

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