Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe Calls For TV & Radio Licence Applications

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar

Last week, the Perm Sec for Information Ministry Nick Mangwana promised that soon Zimbabweans would have 10+ channels on their airwaves by August.

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe has followed that up by making a call to interested parties to apply for licensing of 6 TV stations.

The call by BAZ is for 6 free to air national commercial TV channels, with applicants expected to pay 42 500 as an application fee. If awarded, licences will be 10 years long and will come at a cost of 306 000/year.

BAZ is also calling for radio licence applications with 10 community radio station licences available. Application for these will cost $8 500 and if awarded the licence will be for 10 years, at a cost of $17 000/year.

Of the 12 TV stations promised, 6 will be independent whilst the remaining 6 will be ZBC channels.:

By the end of the year, in fact by August this year, our aim is to have at least six independent television channels.

We are also availing six channels for the national broadcaster, ZBC, so all in all we will be having 12 television channels.

Nick Mangwana

When Nick Mangwana spoke of the channels coming to our waves this year he made it sound as if there would definitely be 12 channels coming, which must mean the government is very confident these 6 licences will be gobbled up by interested parties as soon as yesterday.


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  1. Nikiwe Kayitse

    Thank you so much for providing community radio stations, we are also going to apply for ours as BUKALANGA RADIO STATION.

    Please assist us with this question ,, are you giving out reginal radio stations?

  2. Tawanda jokonya

    Thank you so much for providing community radio stations. Im based in Canada,running my own online radio station.i would love to come back home and start my own radio station. Please kindly advise how to apply..thank you.