ZIMSEC A-Level 2019 Results Out: Here’s How You Can Check The Results Online

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The Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) has announced that the November 2019 Advanced Level Results are out.

Candidates who sat for the examinations are expected to collect results from their respective schools and centres starting tomorrow or online via the Zimsec website.

Here are the respective links to the ZIMSEC results portal (if one isn’t working try the other):

ZIMSEC portal 1

ZIMSEC portal 2

ZIMSEC has also shared an Online Results Distribution Manual which contains the following instructions:

  • how to create an account on the portal
  • how to login
  • how to view your results

How to create an account on the ZIMSEC portal

  1. Go to the portal
  2. Click on “Register as new user”
  3. Fill out the information required (instructions will appear on the right side of the screen)

How to login

If you already have an account, you’ll want to log in:

  1. Go to the portal
  2. Enter your Username and Password as created at user registration
  3. Click on Login

How to view results once in the portal

  1. Once logged in select the Candidates Result option

You can download the document below:


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      1. Anonymous

        I want to see Newman Zivuku A level results 2019

  2. Munyamana Kudzanai R

    it is a good platform

  3. Lawrence Bwana

    failing to logon, saying candidates details not found

    1. Anonymous

      Same here I think this thing is not working

  4. NdakapasaHere

    It is saying “Registration of account has been halted. Candidate already registered another account.”
    Zimsec Helpdesk numbers not working. What do i do now ??

    1. Anonymous

      It means sum1 already created an account for u and had access to ur results

      1. Anonymous

        no no something wrong with the portal.

  5. Anonymous

    failing to log, saying candidates details not found

  6. kenneth rusanhu

    failing to access …hw do i reset my account

  7. CDE

    this system needs to be revisited. just saying invalid attempted. phoned Zimsec ndikatukwa ne munhu weku IT kkkk.

  8. Keith

    Guys anyone with Mutare Boys High Center number

  9. Anonymous

    The portal just saying candidate details not found

  10. Mugande Benjamin

    Am failing to check my results





    1. Anonymous

      Mpfanha ma1 unoita mudumbu ๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜นแƒš(ฬโ—‰โ—žเฑชโ—Ÿโ—‰โ€ตแƒš ma1 ndokutaurira kkkkk

  13. Claretta


  14. Anonymous

    CDE try to log in with the account name that you created thats what I did and it worked

    1. Matambo Violet

      How to view results

  15. Anonymous

    Failing to register an account saying candidate details not found

  16. Sisasenkosi

    I have tried registering but it says candidates details not found I dont get it… What am I missing?

  17. Anonymous

    This portal is not working

  18. osias

    failing to login its saying ,,,service not available

    1. Anonymous

      Itโ€™s biased

  19. Wesi Gamuchirai


  20. Munashe mutandwa

    Am failing check my a level results

  21. Anonymous

    this thing has a problem lets hope it will be fine in future

  22. Thandiwe

    I want to see Habibho S Moyo’s results

  23. Anonymous

    it is not working now..what is going on..come on

  24. Anonymous

    i wanna see MUSHONGA WELLINGTON A Level results

  25. Anonymous

    i am failing to check my results..what is going on please help

  26. hows

    too complicated

  27. Tatenda

    What if is the details of the candidate are not found

    1. Irene

      It’s saying the same for me

  28. Welliar


    1. Anonymous

      Are the results out of Olevel um not sure

  29. Rue

    Is the portal down?

    1. Funkyskelatonz

      Uum i think inyaya yekuwandirwa ๐Ÿค”

  30. Jotham

    Thax. for this advanced technology

  31. Anonymous

    Wastage of data, this thing not working since yesterday. Zimsec is not ready for new technology.

  32. Anonymous

    I keep on getting this error message “Registration of account has been halted. Candidate already registered another account.”.
    This is frustrating!!!!

  33. Anonymous

    Nonsense application wasting my data

  34. Anonymous

    Zimsec website ma1 its already crashed most of us are struggling to see our o-level results

  35. Anonymous

    Ummmm wasting my data this portal is not working

  36. Anonymous

    There is just nothing its a wastage off data coz it keeps telling that my details are not found

    1. Anonymous

      this is completely mother BS
      hw am I gonna see my resultsWhilst data ririkupera

    2. anonymous

      Same here,am getting the same error message to say detals not found…this is so frustrating

  37. anonymous

    zimsec pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  38. Aubrey Ballack

    It seems as if makatumwa cey kutipa maresults online …kana musingazvigone regai mhan coz technology yazvo hamuna

  39. Malvin

    I Want to Know how to bypass the registration when it declares that I have any account when I don’t have

  40. Anonymous

    Stupidest website ever. Zimsec should stop wasting people’s money coming up with these half-baked non-functional technologies and concentrate on what they do best – stealing money, lowering educational standards, and raising school fees.

  41. Anonymous

    this system is not showing out Alevel results

  42. cavy

    the portal is completely refusing to open

    1. Treasure Mutipu

      Same as mine…i want to check the A level June results and it is totally not opening.

  43. Treasure Mutipu

    Same as mine…i want to check the A level June results and all the websites for checking results are totally not opening.