PlayStation Players Here’s How To Check How Many Hours You Spent Gaming In 2019

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Sony is sharing statistics with PlayStation players who are interested in knowing how many hours and which games they played during 2019.

If you visit the PlayStation 2019 wrap-up webpage you’ll be presented with the following statistics from last year:

  • The number of games you played
  • Your top games
  • Your top genre
  • The number of hours you played
  • Your prime time to play
  • Number of trophies you earned

You’ll also get a title determined by the above statistics and depending on the rank you get you can redeem some prizes which include badges you can attach on your PSN profile and exclusive themes.

Visit PlayStation Wrap-Up 2019 and check out your stats from last year

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  1. anonymous

    Oh dear…………….. How Many Hours and not How many Yours