Local Streaming Service Buddie Beatz Had Already Signed Up 280 000 Customers By August 2019

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Econet’s results for the half-year ending on 31 August recently came out and whilst there’s always a number of interesting points to take away – one of which was the fact that Buddie Beatz had 280 000 by the half-year point.

Buddie Beatz is Econet’s streaming service and the platform is taking aim at the challenges faced by local artists of legally distributing their music.

A number of innovative products and services were launched. Buddie Beatz now has over 280 000 customers who are enabled to stream music on their handheld devices. We have also empowered local artists to access this platform and in the process, we have created employment opportunities downstream.

Econet HY Results 2019

When you consider that Buddie Beatz launched back in April managing to sign up such a high number of users in just over 3 months is quite an impressive feat.

We reached out to Econet (who are yet to respond) to get an understanding of which platform is most popular since Google Play data suggests that the application has only been downloaded 10 000 times on the Google Play Store.

Buddie Beatz Install page on Google Play

This could mean one of two things:

  1. Android users are downloading Buddie Beatz from platforms other than Google (sending the APK to each other on WhatsApp/downloading from sites such as APKpure) which is why the PlayStore install count is so low;
  2. A significant amount of the downloads are being made on iOS devices and the iOS Store doesn’t show the number of downloads

Unlike most other streaming services, Buddie Beatz doesn’t have a website so the number of application downloads is the only thing to go by at this point in time.

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  1. Holmes

    Signups/downloads are great, but, how many of those are actually activate users. I downloaded it and deleted it pretty quickly because they don’t have a free tier, not even a free trial. Given their limited collection, I am sticking with Spotify.