Interested In Digital Marketing? Here’s List Of Free Courses To Get Started

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One of the biggest opportunities offered by the internet nowadays is the ability to attain skills you would otherwise have to pay for at no cost at all.

Google Digital Skills for Africa is one such platform that has a number of free online courses for people looking to upskill and without investing money into that development.

We’ve compiled a list of the courses (in no particular order) related to the Digital Marketing offered on the Digital Skills for Africa platform:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing, and help grow your business or career. (Also comes with certification)
  • Understanding the web – Does the world of the web interest you, but you don’t quite know where to start? This course will bring you up to speed!
  • Build Your Online Business – Create an online business to sell a product or service.
  • Connect and Collaborate Anywhere with Digital Tools – Learn digital skills to improve your workplace collaboration and communication.
  • Google Ads Search – Learn how to get your business in front of the right customers by creating and customising your own Google Ads Search campaigns.
  • Google Ads Display – Learn how to build awareness and drive action for your brand by building, managing and optimising visual ad campaigns that engage your audiences.
  • Google Ads – Measurement – Find out how Google Analytics can help you gather and hone in on the metrics that truly matter – and turn fresh insights into powerful actions.
  • Shopping Ads – Explore ways to grow your business by getting your products seen by the right shoppers at every stage of the purchase journey. You’ll also discover best practice ways to promote your online and local inventory and attract more shoppers to your website or physical shop.
  • Google Ads Video – Explore new ad formats designed to capture your audience’s attention – and take your creative strategies to a whole new level by learning how to bring your brand’s incredible story to life on YouTube.

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  1. Certified Digital Marketeer

    You may also check the following list below.

    1) HubSpot – provides free courses and certifications in HubSpot Marketing Software, Email marketing, Display Ads, inbound marketing, fractional sales, and other range.

    2) SemRush Academy- Semrush provides rich content in terms of SEO for free. They provides free courses and certifications in SEO.

    3) Twitter Flight School. If you want to be a good market check this twitter school provides free courses and certification for how to be a good twitter marketer and they provide Twitter Video Badge for free if you pass the final exam.

    4) For coding and website design check FreeCodeCamp they provides free certifications for website designs and you also develop some projects as you learn to built your portfolio.

    5) You can check also Google Analytics Academy if you want to further your skills in terms of analytics side they provides free courses and certificates.

    6) For content marketing you may check Thompson Foundation they provide some free course for journalism with some you earn free CPD points.

    7) Check also eMarketing Institute they provides several free certifications for digital marketing and social media marketing.

    8) You may also check European Open University for other free certificates courses for digital marketing. Visit Future learn they provides free social media and digital marketing certificates courses in collaboration with Accenture.

    NB- take note some certifications and courses they are valid for 1 to 2 years and you have to renew them to be valid.