Econet Introducing A New Brand Positioning

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“Econet Wireless – Inspired to change your world,” remember that? That by-line changed to different things over the years and recently it has been “The smart data network.” Well it’s changing again.

Econet is now positioning itself as a digital lifestyle company. Their new by-line is, “Econet Wireless – Your digital lifestyle network.” Their communication regarding this change seems to emphasise Buddie Beatz the music streaming app, YoPlay their effort at gaming, EcoCash the fintech spin off and overall they are also just emphasising data connectivity.

What does this mean?

It’s never a good idea to read too much into branding communications and this is no different. Only comment to make at this point is to note that Econet realises as every telco realises that the future of network operators is not the core telephony and connectivity itself but rather services built on top of that core.

Econet scored big time with EcoCash and they are looking for other services to win at. Whether or not they will succeed has to be seen with the passage of time. Good luck to them.


What’s your take?

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  1. tinm@n

    Now, I’m not a fanboy and Econet worshipper, but you could hardly call Ecocash a spin-off?

    Like seriously?

  2. Tinashe Nyahasha

    It’s now a standalone company (has been for years) and it is also now under a different hloding company: Cassava

  3. Tinashe

    How do I deregister YoPlay? It deducts my airtime every single day I’m sick and tired.