ZRP Discourages Online Dating After Rape Case

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Zimbabwe Republic Police has a Twitter account which is notorious for sharing random tweets like the one below:

Anyway, the latest update from the local police force focuses on online dating and why you shouldn’t participate in it at all (at least according to the ZRP):

A 29 year old woman was raped after she was lured to meet her online boyfriend at night. The victim met the accused along S. Machel, Hre for the first time and the 2 drove to a house where the complainant was later raped.

We urge members of the public against online dating and social media communication which later on leads to rape.


This tweet by the ZRP is a perfect example of why people are constantly incensed by the police force and how they go about their business on social media. From this tweet, you can tell that the intentions of the ZRP appear to be good and they want to raise awareness of the possibility of dating sites being used by sinister people as a means to sinister ends.

Unfortunately, ZRP usually communicates in a tone-deaf manner and in this case urges the public to “desist from communication which later on leads to rape” as if to suggest that when people are communicating online they know that this will, later on, lead to rape.

A number of people on Twitter also shared similar concerns regarding how ZRP phrases their tweets:


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