[Watch] Techzim & Pindula Founder Speaks To The Hub About Techzim’s Hideous First Logo & More

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Techzim & Pindula Founder Limbikani Makani sat down with Kay Media Africa for their most recent episode of The Hub and spoke about a number of issues including the “Techzim bias”, Techzim’s position on gossip and a number of interesting questions that our readers may have had as well:


What’s your take?

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  1. Comment Bro

    Nice interview! And its so true about heavily regulated businesses. Doing things the right way is so cumbersome in Zim.

    About the comments, I seriously thought i was the only one in the comment brigade (sorry LSK)! I’ll see a headline (on any site), click on it, scroll down to the comments, scroll back up when i’m done and then read the article. I’ve actually caught myself clicking off pages that don’t permit comments! It’s a bad internet habit I picked up.

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Haha there’s nothing necessarily wrong with wanting to engage other people via comments 🤣 it just irritates us writers a bit