[Watch] Is Zim Internet Fast Enough To Handle PS4’s Remote Play Feature

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In October Sony announced that the PS4 Remote Play application would no longer be exclusive to Sony phones and would now be available to other Android devices – which was great news.

I always wondered how remote play – which allows a PS4 owner to play their PS4 from a tablet or phone- would fare with Zimbabwean internet given that the speeds aren’t exactly amazing.

I finally got a chance to test the feature out using ZOL’s Family Essentials Uncapped package which is said to offer speeds of upto 20Mbps for upload and download speeds. In reality, I got around 9.78Mbps download and 4.32Mbps upload which is less than half and just over a quarter of the maximum download and upload speeds claimed by ZOL.

Anyway, I tested using FIFA 20 and a Samsung Galaxy S8 which comes with some drawbacks I address in the video below:

Apologies for the shaking midway – made a bit of a compromise to record

So the biggest drawback is no doubt controls. With no shoulder buttons and all the controls mapped to your screen good luck playing any games comfortably.

If you have Android 10/iOS 13 the experience will be better since you can pair the controller with your phone and instantly have a better input method along with a clearer screen.

As I mentioned in the video I didn’t want to test an online multiplayer game on camera as I suspected the experience will be suboptimal due to the fact that there’s latency between the PlayStation and the phone along with the latency between the phone (your input method) and the server of the game. It seems most internet packages will be able to handle offline experiences just fine but online games might be a stretch – especially the ones in which one second is the difference between life and death.


What’s your take?

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  1. Jay Makoni

    I tested it last night with Death Stranding and God of War on both phone and PC.

    Very impressive performance.

    Barely noticeable latency.

    Only my pc could connect to the dual shock 4 but the Android 10 update for my phone is out today so I’ll do that test once I have it.

    Overall, real impressed with where our internet has reached.

  2. Dumi

    Online games dont play well through remote play (even here in SA) but thats probably down to not having servers on continent. So for now, not really a viable option to play games.

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Yeah, the offline experience was not half bad though so I guess the glass is half full

  3. Leeroy Madakiwe

    The government is too corrupt….at least they signed one gamer other wise we would only here of Ninja,True,Faze.
    They should make an eSports league or something.
    Pro gaming in Zimbabwe should rise like in USA, Japan.
    I’m star max.
    Please make content for your YouTube channel.