Utopia Peer-to-peer Ecosystem: Find A New Freedom

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If the term “Big Brother” has been around for more than thirty years, it is even more current these days. Any click, any search, any purchase, any ad are recorded to create a profile of you that can at best be used to expose you to ads and content relevant to your interests and, at worst, can make you make decisions based on false information. In response to these events, a team of privacy enthusiasts has just created a new software program called Utopia.

This group of enthusiasts has made Utopia a revolutionary solution for your total online privacy anf freedom with no censorship. Future users will thus be able to enjoy privacy in their cyber life.

Utopia peer-to-peer (P2P) network is the pillar of Utopia Ecosystem. The data is stored and transmitted without the use of central servers. There is no single database, making monitoring impossible. Don’t worry; a suitable application exists for familiar operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. And to go further, the company is planning to release mobile applications in 2020.

Complete anonymity is ensured by software, in favor of the user. Utopia is using two encryption methods – AES256 and Curve25519. This guarantees the highest level of protection of your data. Encryption of all your data is enabled by default. Utopia has made sure that it’s built-in encrypted instant messenger called uMessenger allows you to send instant messages without risk to have your data intercepted. Do you already have your mail removed or cached by indecent people? This will no longer be on the agenda because uMail will solve this problem. This is an internal Utopia e-mail protected from any forms of spam.

So far, everything seems reassuring. But the Utopia ecosystem has even more. Several hundred applications, instruments, and tools are available, but it would take too long to present them; however, one is worth your attention: uWallet. As its name suggests, this is Utopia’s financial environment. Finally, Idyll is a built-in private browser, and this means that your user data and online activity will be anonymous.

Crypton or CRP is Utopia’s built-in cryptocurrency with anonymity and security of online payments. Every user of Utopia earns rewards in Crypton through mining process every 15 minutes. All that is needed is just to keep your Utopia client online to support the Utopia P2P Network and participate in encrypted data transmission. The speed and power of mining can be boosted by running mining bots on other devices.

Utopia Network is now launched and you are welcome to try it and give it a spin. When you start using it, you’ll probably be surprised how friendly it feels and how easy it is to use without any special skills.



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  1. Lockdown

    sounds like the new Internet. Who tested it?

  2. karson614

    Privacy is of the utmost importance to me, which is why I am in the Utopia ecosystem. Here I found anonymous communication and much more.