Tech Highlights From The President’s 3rd 100-Day Cycle

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Ever since President Mnangagwa became President (officially in August 2018) he’s set out 100-day cycles where targets are set and at the end of 100 days we can follow up on which targets where met and another cycle begins with new targets.

The 3rd 100-day cycle just ended and the most recent Cabinet Decisions Matrix meeting shared some updates. Whilst most of it was non-tech stuff there were a few highlights which concern Zim’s tech field:

  • 6 384 Prepaid meters installed countrywide
  • 5 base stations installed and commissioned in Beitbridge, Mutare, Bindura, Binga and Nyanga
  • 8 projects under the Geospatial Aeronautical and Space Science Capability for Zim completed
  • eRecruitment for nurses operationalised

The installation of prepaid meters will hopefully improve ZESA’s revenue collection and go a long way in getting us out of this crippling power crisis which is another negative thing for startups and businesses to contend with when the business environment is already harsh.

It would be helpful if the Geospatial Aeronautical and Space Science capability projects were shared online as the information regarding these projects available online doesn’t highlight which projects were completed.

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  1. Brighton

    The e-nurse is up but not functional, for example, in process of applying some O level subjects like Food and Nutrition and Agriculture are missing and so anyone with these on their list of subjects are failing to proceed with the applications and there are no contact details to communicate such problems with the Ministries twitter not useful as there do not respond to problems or when they resolve them.
    Having a website online and not working cant be marked as a complete project.

  2. Brighton

    Installation of prepaid meters can’t be recorded as a work completed by the considering customers are buying them on their own and having them installed on their own, what work are they doing on this that they should report on it besides making money from the installations