Standard Chartered Bank Shares Some Tips To Avoid Card Cloning

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Standard Chartered has been sending educational emails to their clientele for a while now and in one of the recently shared emails, they addressed the issue of card cloning – a raging issue which has seen a significant amount of money being lost ever since Zimbabwe adopted cashless transactions.

Here are some of Standard Chartered’s tips on how

Dear Client,

Cyber Security Awareness 2019 emphasises personal accountability and underpins the importance of taking proactive steps to enhance cyber-security at home, in the workplace and on the go.
This year’s theme – Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT. – focuses on key areas including digital privacy, common cyber threats, consumer devices and e-commerce security.

Simple steps to Own IT.
* Play hard to get with strangers. Cyber criminals use phishing tactics, hoping to fool their victims.

* Never click and tell. Limit what information you post on social media-from personaladdresses to where you like to dine out.

* Stay protected while connected. Before you connect to any public wireless hotspot, be sure to confirm the name of the network and exact login procedures to ensure that the network is legitimate.

* Keep it locked. Lock your device when you are not using it.

* Back up your information. Back up your contacts, financial data, photos, videos, and other mobile device data.

* Online Privacy
Shake up your password protocol.

* Internet of things
Change your device’s factory security settings from the default password. This is one of the most important steps to take in the protection of internet devices. Keep tabs on your apps.

Many connected appliances, toys, and devices are supported by a mobile application. Check your app permissions and learn to just say “no” to privilege requests that don’t make sense.

* Social Media
Remember, there is no ‘Delete’ button on the Internet. Share with care, because even if you delete a post or picture from your profile seconds after posting it, chances are someone still saw it. Update your privacy settings. Set the privacy and security settings to your comfort level for information sharing.

Connect only with people you trust. Keep your connections to people you know andtrust. Speak up if you’re uncomfortable. If a friend posts something about you that makes you uncomfortable or you think is inappropriate, let him or her know.

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