Mobile Network Operators Revenue Rose Drastically In The 3rd Quarter But So Did Their Operating Costs

Farai Mudzingwa Avatar
Base stations

Given that mobile network operators and fixed internet providers increased pricing for data, voice and SMS services a number of times during the year it’s no surprise that the revenue for these entities rose quite significantly in the 3rd Quarter.

Unfortunately due to the current state of our economy (inflationary pressures) and investments by the players in these sectors, their operating costs also grew. I believe POTRAZ included this slide in their presentation to illustrate how much pressure is on these companies along with indicating the necessity of the tariff increases we saw over the course of the year from telecoms and broadband players.

Investment by the fixed network was mainly in national transmission; mobile operators invested in national switching, mainly the upgrading of the core network and radio access network; whereas internet access providers increased their bandwidth capacities.


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