Former Eskom CEO Supposed To Invest In 100MW Local Solar Plant Says Corruption Stalling Progress

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You may remember Engineer Koko Matshela -Former CEO of Eskom- whose company was awarded the licence to set up a US$250 million solar power plant that was supposed to generate 100MW back in July with work beginning the following month.

Four months later nothing has happened and Matshela recently blamed the lack of progress on corrupt authorities who need their palms greased in order for things to take off:

Matshela Energy received a generation license July 2019. 6 months later nothing has happened. Our plan was to break ground in August 2019. So many people have tried to extort money from me and I refused. It is a shame

Koko Matshela

His remarks came shortly before ZESA announced that the countries power woes are only going to intensify due to depressed local generation along with reduced “imports from the region” ?:

Notice On Load Shedding

ZESA Holdings would like to advise its valued customers countrywide that load shedding is now being implemented at Stage 2 level due to loss of power imports from the region and depressed local generation.

Load shedding is thus now being implemented over and above the advertised schedule.

Customers will be advised of progress on restoration of imports and improved local generation to minimise the effects of load shedding.

ZESA Holdings sincerely apologises for the inconvenience caused

ZESA Statement

Update 11/12: Fortune Chasi, the Energy Minister invited Mr Matshela to report the corrupt officials:

We take bribery very seriously as Government and its one of the areas that we are focusing on and I want to urge him to publicly give me the names and individuals who asked for a bribe from himself and I can assure you that Government will take action against the individuals

Fortune Chasi

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  1. Adalandoienda

    Really. Matshela is education proof. Why is ESKOM in its current state? He came to Zimbabwe to see if things that he was doing in SA are different.He should be coming with cash as he knows how business works. We have the Project by Wicknell Chivayo which is 5 YEARS overdue.I will not bother with the details. What did he expect? Is he expecting a miracle? He said he would deliver. What? U run away from a country where u have influence to a foreign country? Why? South Africa needs the same system in its rural areas.