EcoCash Is Down… Again

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EcoCash has been stuck in an upgrade cycle since Saturday 16 November. Whilst the planned upgrade has been announced as complete a number of time since that date the service hasn’t really worked optimally for the last 3 weeks.

It seems the platform is now down again with users getting one of many error messages when trying to access the mobile money service:

  • Service is unavailable
  • Your request could not be processed at the moment.
  • Input XML is not recognized by the system
  • System is busy
  • Invalid code

EcoCash has sent out the following update regarding the latest episode of downtime:

Dear valued customer

We apologise for service disruptions you may be experiencing in trying to transact on EcoCash. Our technical team is working to resolve the technical challenge and we will inform you as soon as normal service is restored.

We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused.

Live Life the EcoCash Way!

Considering that the platform has not worked optimally for close to a month now one would expect that EcoCash would communicate more openly with the users and businesses who have been inconvenienced but nope, it’s still just “technical issues”…


What’s your take?

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  1. fcuk up

    a challenge? I hate that word, its more like a real fcuk up !!

  2. Mapanda Ronald

    My bone of contention with econet is not why their applications are down but that did they employ qualified technical staff AND worse they employed very arrogant staff in their marketing and customer relations departments

  3. dr solomon

    My Dad says has transacted this morning, ZESA last night, airtime and send money this morning. Looks like they fixed the tech issue.

  4. promise nyoni

    Why do they not their help us on their lines they keep playing sasai ,we are interested on that song , please they must attend our queries in time .they keep us holding for almost an hour ,what that please we are tired .

  5. promise nyoni

    we are not interested on sasai song correction

  6. Anonymous

    we are not interested on sasai song correction

  7. Ole

    Buggy Indian software…just another example of how bad it is to outsource software development to India-Mahindra Comviva has failed to deliver….

  8. Anonymous

    vcn generation for online payment not working