ZOL To Perform Sytem Upgrade

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Every service provider seems to be sprucing up their systems lately. The latest one is ZOL which has issued a statement announcing that it will be carrying out some network maintenance on Sunday 24 November.

The Maintenance will last 6 Hours from 12 midnight to 6am the same day. You can take a look at the image below.

Hopefully things will go as planned but in the event that the maintenance takes slightly longer *EcoCash* it would be wise to have a solid plan B just in case.


What’s your take?

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  1. ah ok good

    ah ok, i got the email from zol about 2 days ago, thanks for the reminder….ZZZZzzzzzz

  2. Jupiter

    Methinks ecocash should have used the ZOL upgrade team 🤔😂

  3. Joe Paddy Musiiwa

    This is a good platform for Zol.Please keep it up ..Its great job guys.