ZESA Denounces Fake Twitter Accounts Which “Mislead” & “Defraud” Consumers

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ZESA has released a statement in response to an infamous Twitter account which has been getting attention for clapping back at customers who can’t tell the difference between official and parodies of ZETDC’s twitter account with tweets such as these:


ZETDC’s has now issued out an official statement through their account and it reads:

ZETDC would like to warn its customers about two parody social media accounts, namely @ZETDC01 and @OfficialZetdc (now @ZetdcParody) that purport to be official ZETDC accounts. These are not ZETDC’s official accounts, nor have they anything to do with ZETDC.

These accounts are run by impostors and scammers who use them to mislead and defraud unsuspecting members of the public.

We wish to advise members of the public to ignore these accounts and messages and avoid falling prey to these accounts as they are not official and legitimate ZETDC accounts.

… ZETDC is taking steps to ensure that the account is closed including reporting the fake account to Twitter. You can also help by reporting the fake account to Twitter as well.

ZETDC via Twitter

ZETDC’s statement is pretty surprising considering that one of the accounts plainly listed that it was a parody account and ZETDC acknowledges as much. The account has since added that in its name to make it extra clear. Seems like a funny little incident to me but ZETDC certainly doesn’t see it that way…


What’s your take?

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  1. Liable Phase 20

    This statement made some serious criminal allegations. I get people being duped on first look but has anyone really been scammed/defrauded or otherwise prejudiced of their property or money? It would be interesting to find out.

    1. Farai Mudzingwa

      Haven’t come across any cases of people defrauded. Maybe just an overreaction on the part of ZESA…