The Electric Cars That Were Promised By Vaya Are Here Now

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[Image Source: Vaya Africa]

A few months ago, Econet Global CEO Strive Masiyiwa announced that Vaya would start using Electric Vehicles (EVs) and it seems those electric vehicles are finally here.

Vaya tweeted out an announcement earlier yesterday:

We are excited to introduce #VAYA E-Vehicles as part of our agenda for the adoption of #ecofriendly vehicles in #Zimbabwe. The service was launched today in partnership with @stewardbank.


This makes the logistics company the first to have electric vehicles for use in the transport sector which is a pretty cool feat. The vehicle in question is a Nissan Leaf and it appears to be the 2011 model – car aficionados correct me if I’m wrong.

The 2011 model had a 160KM range – which won’t be an issue if the car is only in the CBD. It seats 5 passengers and has battery pack outputting 90 kilowatts of power. The top speed is capped at 144 KM/h in order to reserve power.

Back in May when Masiwa posted about the Electric Vehicle he mentioned the following with regards to how these vehicles will be used:

  • The EV’s will operate within a 3KM radius within the CBD
  • They will be recharged at solar-powered charging stations by Vaya’s sister company DPA
  • Vaya will have 100 EVs on the road at some point

One distinction to make though is that when Strive Masiyiwa talked about electric vehicles he was specifically referring to a 3-wheeled vehicle which they were calling Vaya Hopper at that time.


What’s your take?

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  1. Alberti Chisadza

    Good day.

    I would like to just buy one.
    On terms.

    I propose they put five in a show room and sell to the public.


  2. Linda Hwange


  3. Anonymous

    Good day
    With the high rates of carbon emissions green transportation is the way to go. Most of these developed countries have started on zero emissions whereby they will be dumping their cars to Africa increasing the emissions rate.

    1. The Principal

      Kkkkk. Unfortunately climate change does not occur at the point of emission of gases. Yes, the fossil fuel car will emit in Africa but the effects will be felt globally.