Steward Bank Facing Intermittent Challenges Alongside EcoCash

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EcoCash the largest payment platform in the country hasn’t been working properly for two and a half days and it seems EcoCash’s sponsor bank Steward is also currently facing some system challenges.

A number of Steward Bank clients are failing to access the USSD platform with a “system busy, please try later” or “null” errors popping up. Some users of the Steward Bank app have also failed to check their balance or access any of the online banking features. It also seems a number of features such as a bank to wallet and wallet to bank transactions between EcoCash are among affected functions. POS transactions seem to be unaffected – I managed to transact in a shop using my Steward card during the time the mobile platform was down.

Considering that Steward Bank and EcoCash also use different systems its unclear whether or not the problems with Steward’s mobile banking platform are being caused by the challenges currently plaguing EcoCash.

At the time of writing, it’s not clear if these challenges are affecting all Steward Bank mobile banking users or if it’s a certain share of users.


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  1. Anonymous

    I am also experiencing the same challenge with the mobile platform for First Capital Bank. It keeps on showing the ‘Null’ and ‘System busy’ messages.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

    i still can purchase using the steward card

  4. Anonymous

    Am still waiting for pending transactions to go through and reflect. This is in regards to ‘wallet to bank transfers’, transactions made have gone through from the ecocash side but have not appeared on the bank acc. The econet shops said that such transactions take a period of 24hours to revert.

  5. sydza

    steward bank rakadhakwa haaaa rubbish chaiyo

  6. Amanda

    I’m also having challenges my steward mobile banking is not working it keeps asking me to enter my account number or card number then it fails.. Now my ecocash is showing that I have insufficient funds yet I hv money in my account… What do I do plz help