President Will Soon Start To Monitor Fuel Stocks At Every Service Station

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Fuel SI 127 of 2021 USD ZWL$

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Government will introduce an electronic system that will monitor and manage fuel stocks at service stations across the country. The fuel management system will be introduced as a response to malpractices happening in the fuel sector such as fuel hoarding which are causing artificial shortages.

The fuel management system will reportedly track fuel haulage trucks through geofencing and trackers and will also monitor the volume of fuel in the haulage tracks with sensors. According to Herald’s report, government, through the Ministry of Finance, had to fork out $300 000 to commission the fuel management system which is being developed by a local company called Matsimba Technology. The fuel management system is reportedly the brainchild of the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education.

Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has logically been charged with managing the fuel management system. What’s more interesting is that ZERA won’t be the only one using the fuel management system to monitor fuel. The Herald’s report went on to say that the data collected by the system will also be sent to the President’s office and the cabinet.

This will be done from the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (Zera)’s provincial monitoring centres up to national level.

Data can then be transmitted to the Office of the President and Cabinet in real-time.

Remember there have been rumours making the rounds of cartels that are allegedly controlling the fuel industry. The fuel management system will possibly help the President and Cabinet to see who is sabotaging their efforts to stabilize the fuel sector and take appropriate action. If all goes well, ZERA, the President and the Cabinet will start to monitor fuel movements by March next year.


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  1. Tichaona

    I hope the system also procures fuel kkk

  2. willom


  3. Anonymous

    Ok it’s an interesting initiative but then what? As far as I can tell the initiative already has problems such as,

    If ZERA, the cabinet & the president’s office are the ones to have access to the monitoring system won’t it be subject to abuse particularly by affiliates of said entities ?

    And that’s just the first one. This initiative is just symptom hunting, the normal thing the government does instead of addressing the real problems before them.

  4. Chihelele

    Saka it means votomboita cut down ma unnecessary journeys, lol

  5. Anonymous

    And in other news, this Matsimba Technology outfit that develops software worth hundreds of thousands of USD or millions of Zim dollars, does not even have a website…

    1. Jeff

      Its the Harare Institute of Technology