Meet The New Minister Of ICT

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Last night, President Mnangagwa made several unexpected changes to his cabinet and among them was the Ministry of ICT. For over a year, the Minister of ICT was Kazembe Kazembe but yesterday he was replaced by Jenfan Muswere who once deputised the outgoing Minister.

The last time Kazembe Kazembe was appointed as Minister of ICT, we laid bare his credentials for you to see if the ICT Ministry is being led by a technocrat or not – although I’m conscious of the fact that being a technocrat doesn’t provide a guarantee that a Ministry will be successfully run. Anyhow, here is Ministry of ICT Jenfan Muswere’s credentials according to the Parliament of Zimbabwe website:

Tertiary/University :

  • HD-Human Resources Management
  • Masters of Commerce in Business Administration
  • PHD(Await Graduate) Strategic
  • Management and Leadership

Any other Forms of Training:

  • Industrialist
  • Businessman
  • Training in Business
  • Administration
  • Training in Human Resources
  • Management
  • Training in Research
  • Training in International trade

Career in General:

Industrialist- Businessman

Positions held

  • General Manager-Coal Mine- International trade
  • A/Manager-Cement Manufacturing
  • International Trade Business
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Managing Director-Banneral Investments

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  1. Totem Network

    Apa ndopasina shame, he doesnt even know what http or https stands for and which is more secure.

    1. carti

      he doesn’t need to know that

      1. aholes everywhere

        hahaha, a$$sholes !

      2. up yours baba

        his mother might teach him

      3. ahh sole


      4. Interest

        He needs to know how to run things… That we shall definitely need to see… We should should 3 month review and 6 month review in all these ministers. Does he get 2 new cars as per usual

      5. Anonymous

        newewo uri sasikamu!

    2. stine

      kkkkk http kwese uko …..ko usb

  2. Nyimo

    That profile mmmh sounds as fake as it looks. How does someone call themselves a doctor while awaiting graduation? Uyu muface wemwana waShefu it stops there. Those credentials are very fake that’s all they are. Watch this guys’ ITU interview on YouTube you will agree with my sentiments.

    1. Anonymous

      LOL, this guy is a joke. Lets hope the team behind him are good. Otherwise I see him being hacked lol

  3. fcuk you clown boy

    fcuk the clowns always !

  4. random ridiculousness

    this is the new minister, haaa, pakaipa, watched his interview at an AI summit in Geneva here : , these morons have no clue at all

  5. Lenox Mhlanga

    Just seen his interview at some summit in Geneva, I think. God save us!

  6. Anonymous

    Vakomana…! AI can now alleviate the water crisis in Zim? Without counting the rest of the mumbo jumbo he said AI in Zim will curb while at that summit… This dude is a virus witten in an unknown programming language lol