Meet Musika: The Agric Startup Using Mobile Phones To Make An Impact

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Something that has become increasingly clear in Africa over the last few years – the mobile phone is the most dominant computing device in Africa by a long shot and developing mobile phones is the best way to get maximum reach.

Musika is an Agritech startup leveraging mobile technology since 2017. The startup currently offers two services:

Musika Solutions – an app-based agric marketplace which farmers can use to buy inputs at discounted rates from Musika’s partners and;

Musika Express – is described by the platform owners as a duta like commodities and agro-alerts platform that aggregates agricultural data. On Express, users get daily price updates from markets such as Mbare, disease alerts and weather updates all on WhatsApp. Farmers can also carry out trend analysis per commodity for upto 5 years.

These two services are currently reaching 10 000 farmers and I’m not surprised that this is the case.

Browsing through Musika Express piqued my interest because it looked like an Agro-based stock exchange and the reason for this is to help farmers price their produce on a daily basis to deal with the issue of middlemen duping farmers.

One last question you may have is how then does the startup make its money seeing they provide these two platforms? Musika Solutions is a subscription and commission-based platform which allows input suppliers to list their products for a monthly fee with Musika also getting a referral fee for each product sold on promotion.

Musika Express, on the other hand, is an ad and subscription-based platform. At the time of writing its currently free for farmers but the long-term view is for farmers to pay a monthly fee along with input suppliers paying to place ad campaigns on the site. The ads will be delivered alongside the updates that farmers receive and suppliers can also create targeted campaigns.

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  1. Musekiwa

    Incredible, the farmer definitely want such. I will with gladness subscribe, at least someone will benefit from their ingenuity, unlike makoronyera who use just brute and abuse