How To Download DStv Movies Or Shows To Your Phone

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Besides being one of the 5 platforms where DStv subscribers can watch their favourite shows for free, the DStv Now app can also be used to download movies, series/shows shown on DStv to one’s phone or tablet.

The DStv Now is available for free for both Android and iOS users and using it doesn’t incur you an extra subscription cost as it utilizes the same subscription of your DStv decoder. The only cost you would incur in watching or downloading DStv content on the DStv Now app is that of mobile data or WiFi data.

How to download DStv content to your phone

  • If not yet registered, go online and register for DStv Now.
  • Open the DStv Now app on your device, log in and go to Menu > Catch Up.
  • Select the movies or series you’d like to download and tap the cloud-shaped Download icon.
  • When you download, choose between four download quality options: Highest, High, Medium and Low. You will be shown how much data and storage space you need, based on the option you choose. (If the icon has a cross through it, it means that show can’t be downloaded.)
  • You can download up to 25 items to your device. This includes movies, sports highlights, documentaries, kids shows and episodes of your favourite series.
  • To see what you’ve downloaded, go back to Menu > Downloads. You’ll also be able to see which downloads are still in progress.
  • Check the expiry date of the item you are downloading. Some movies or episodes expire sooner, while others remain on the DStv Now playlist for quite some time.
  • Once you hit ‘play’ you need to watch that movie or episode within 48 hours- after 48 hours that’s when the downloaded content will expire and you wont be able to watch it from your phone.

Step-by-step guide taken from DStv website.

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    Is Dstv Now App still available on PlayStore?

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    Is Dstv Now App still available on PlayStore??

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    Is Dstv Now App still available on PlayStore???

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    Is Dstv Now App still available on PlayStore????

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    ???????Is Dstv Now App still available on PlayStore?

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