Government Not Paying Its Broadcasting Services Bills, Owes $16 Million

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As the country’s sole broadcaster, ZBC has been largely used by the state and Zanu PF to showcase their events. Whilst individuals households are known to be notorious in not paying dues to ZBC, it turns out that the government itself owes US $16 million to the state broadcaster.

This was revealed by the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Media, Prince Dubeko Sibanda who said:

The corporation humbly requested other government departments and ministries to pay ZBC for broadcasting services invoiced and rendered, and a budgetary allocation for coverage of national events may be made available on a cost recovery basis of $102 000 per event through Treasury.

Currently, ZBC is owed over US$16 million for services provided to other government departments and ministries.

Newsday report

If recovered, ZBC could use the money to produce content that attracts more eyeballs. ZBC has been failing to produce quality content that compete with content delivered on satellite broadcasting services such as DStv and OVHD. As a result, ZBC has been failing to generate enough revenue from license fees and advertising to sustain itself- it’s a loss-making company as it is.

Besides producing quality content, if ZBC is able to recover the $16 million to also pay salary arrears which the state broadcaster is grappling with.

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