eMAP Boarding Schools Application Portal Is Online Once Again (Nov 2019)

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The infamous electronic platform for enrolling Form One boarding places is back online in time for 2020 applications.

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education will be running an electronic platform for enrolling Form One boarding places for 2020. Parents and guardians who wish to send their children to boarding schools are advised to start applying through the platform www.emap.co.zw with effect from Monday 4 November 2019 up to Tuesday 31 December 2019

An applicant who has been offered a place at one school will not be eligible to apply or be considered for a place at any other school unless the offer is declined. Successful applicants will be notified through a short message service (SMS) by the respective school heads. Parents and guardians are however advised that there are limited boarding places.

The application portal will be open until the end of the year (31 December).

In previous years, the application portal has been a nightmare to use with parents having to wake up in the dead of the night just to access the portal. Hopefully, that won’t be the case this time around.

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Visit the emap application portal here


What’s your take?

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  1. Tawanda

    eMap is good for convenience however I think it should allow for schools to select on more than student bio data and results. There is more that makes a good student and the system should have ways of capturing that and allowing schools to have their own selection metrics incl. sports leadership etc. We choose schools for different reasons and I would want a school that resonates with my values and what I expect for my child .

  2. Davison Magwaza

    How do l log need form 1 place

  3. vimbai

    i find it so difficult to open your application page, how do i log in

  4. Ever nice chiwanza

    Iam also trying to apply on line I will be glad if you reply

  5. Soffy

    I’m trying to register its saying something went wrong. Have been trying since morning. Please help

  6. Tendai Peter

    Hallo,how can I register and apply for my son who is a Zimbabwean writing grade 7 exam in south Africa?

  7. Memory Mushuwa

    My application is still pending, more than 24hours now please help

    1. Anonymous

      I hope this detail helps ( Available under terms and conditions of the System which you agreed to when you were creating the account)
      Pending – application still under consideration
      Accepted – you have been offered a place
      Processed – once a particular school has accepted your Child, all the other outstanding schools’ statuses will automatically be changed to processed
      Rejected – your application was unsuccessful

  8. Bina Dube

    its a nightmare to log in the portal kindly assist by ensuring that the system is functioning properly and up to speed


    I would like to register my three children grade 8 and grade 4 respectively. Please send me all the details. jnekaro@gmail.com. 0811500109

    I thank you

  10. Brighton Makoni

    Sorry i want to deregister and start again the choice of the schools my son does not like them. How do i start all over again.

    1. audrey

      I’m also looking for a way to withdraw the application I made

    2. Rutendo Muza

      Would like to remove one school and insert another. How do i go about it?

  11. Memory mushuwa

    What does it mean if i have applied and its still says pending for 3 days now? Should i start again.

  12. samson machimbidza

    Apart from the recipient school head sending a message to a parent,how else can a parent find out if the application has been received by the school.

  13. irvine

    The information on emap was published on Sundamail 3rd November 2019 and for any inquiries get in-touch with their support staff on this email mopse.emap@gmail.com

  14. audrey

    How do i even cancel the school i had picked for another. This whole system isn’t user friendly. I should be allowed to withdraw at an application at any given time.

  15. Nyasha Qeko

    Sorry i want to deregister and start again the choice of the schools. How do i start all over again.

  16. Anonymous

    If your application is still pending just be patient remember the portal will be open till Dec

  17. Pascal Muchore

    for 2020 Form 1 enrollment for my Son Tinashe Prosper Muchore



  19. Richard Ngurunga

    Please i am failing to log in. Please assist. I have been trying for some days now

    1. Anonymous

      Use chrome to log in

  20. jnhire

    This platform is not user friendly. We will end up sending our kids to wrong schools not of their choice.

  21. Melody

    How do i apply for my daughter doing grade 7in South Africa

  22. ernest

    hello the website aint oppening can u please assist me

  23. Anonymous

    if i apply for a boarding school and cannot afford and to want to switch to a day school will it be possible,or the child cannot get the place at any other school.

  24. Joylyn

    if i wish to change a school how do i go about it.

  25. Joylyn

    how do i change for another school

    1. Anonymous

      Want to change also but do not know where to start from

  26. Sabelo Nyathi

    Im also trying to register and it keeps saying ‘something went wrong’ Even on chrome the link http://www.emap.co.zw is not opening.
    Please help

  27. gugulethu

    guys help me am also finding this portal off line am trying to open it but its offline any to assist mybe am opening the wrong place

  28. Tonderai Kasaruro

    Does this facility work? It took me days kuti ndiregiste. now i cant access it kupi ndione progress.
    what wrong with this platform?

  29. katty jenner

    this facility does not work try emap .enter like this http://www.co.zw

    1. Anonymous

      Sure the facility is giving us problems some we have registered but can’t access progress.

  30. TM

    I wish to change to another school but lm failing to do so,how do l go about it?

  31. Mukonza Wilbert

    I’m hereby applying this letter to you sir I’m looking for form 1 boarding schools

  32. kdz

    this site is not accessible admin can we have clarity on whether it still exist or not ?

  33. zakariah mlambo

    Is this site accessible amidn. I have been trying as from the 4th of Nov up today .

  34. Anonymous

    Guys do something this site does not work

  35. thabsie

    i am a first time user of this website .i am facing challenges so pliz help me.i want to apply for a boarding school now.

  36. Beauty Machingura

    The results are out and I have apply I want to how long does it take to be accepted how do I know that my child has been accepted

  37. Rutendo Matopodzi

    Can you pliz help , the site isn’t opening

  38. Ignatious maguwu

    This site isnt working how can i access it

  39. Anonymous

    I have tried to check on progress of my child’s application and am failing to go through. The platform always offline. Doesn’t work. Typical of all Government projects.

  40. Anonymous

    Bt how can yu open fo applying then close before the results published how can we know that there is hope tu the applied schools

  41. Valentine Mabhara

    its not working it continues showing me the same page when I press register button

  42. Anonymous

    I have tried to check on progress of my child’s application and am failing to go through. The platform always offline. Pse help

  43. Memory mushuwa

    the results are out. i have checked the status of my applications and it still says pending. how long does it take before my child gets a places. please help

  44. Shepherd Edward

    Ts a hectic site to work on been trying can’t succeeded.

  45. Anonymous

    How do i reapply school which i declined by mistake

  46. Patience Makotsi

    I declined school by mistake how do l reapply.

  47. Tobias

    l m finding it difficult to go through your online application.

  48. Dickson Pama

    l wish to change the phone number l registered with how do l do that

  49. Anonymous

    How to you edit your phone number. I missed 1 digit

  50. Tonderai nyazika

    Hw do l apply online

    1. Whisper
  51. Robert Chakweva

    Still pending does this mean it’s not sending or the other end is not responding

  52. Lovemore

    I decline an offer from school by mistake how do I re apply
    Pliz help

  53. Anonymous

    Applied to almost 10 schools and all l have been rejected , does this mean my child didn’t perform well.She had 7 units

    1. Petunia ndlovu

      I have mistakenly declined an offer from mzingwane high school.how do I re_apply

  54. Anonymous

    Just applied 4 schools and its now saying i have reached the maximum.how??

  55. Lesnar Nkala

    Application for a form 3 place not going well