EcoCash Subscribers Receive Message Notifying Them That The Platform Is Up Again

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It’s been a rough week for EcoCash and anyone who depends on it (which is most of us if I’m being frank) but if messages being received by EcoCash subscribers are taken at face value – the storm is over.

EcoCash Update Thank you for your support. All services are up. Kindly bear with us as we clear any service issues you may experience. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

Econet message

Whilst receiving the message was a relief, on my end it doesn’t seem like service has been fully restored. Whilst I can access the airtime menu via USSD again, I still can’t complete the transaction at the time of writing.

Have you had any luck transacting using EcoCash today?


What’s your take?

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  1. Glenda

    You can action the replies right up to confirm and then it says it has failed.

    1. Anonymous

      I succeeded wt bank to wallet transfer & pay merchant using *152# instead of *151#. Try that.

      1. Sammy

        no joy

        1. Beauty Dondo

          We do not have information about any changes that were effected. As at now I have 150 dollars hanging in the air as the money has been removed from my account but is not appearing in the beneficiary accounts so I can’t get service for it.

          1. Priscilla Namatirai Sileya

            I cannot access money that was transferred to me on Saturday the16th November and again Tuesday 19th November 2019.Im in UK and I can’t visit the branches what do I do. I need to transfer the money to my bank for my husband to use. Please help

  2. Mai 2

    Try using *152# instead of *151#. I succeeded bank to wallet transfer & merchant payment thereafter.

    1. Peeved

      152 not working for First Capitol Bank

  3. Anonymous

    Ecocash problematic but swift when it comes to deducting ecosure premiums. Please give a platform to let you know when to deduct not taking money immediately there is money coz it will be for other things. Deduct after 30th when we are paid not before that. Hope the payouts are so swift.

    1. Anonymous

      pafeya this tym upgrade yacho maikoniwa

  4. Wellington k Sakupwanya

    Why am i not receiving messages after transacting from ecocash?