DStv Adds 4 New Channels

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Back in November DStv was going to remove 3 channels but the satellite TV offering ended up removing one channel – Crime + Investigation with the History and Lifetime channels surviving the cut thanks in part to a petition by subscribers.

Not only did those channels survive the cut but 4 new channels have been added:

  • Da Vinci – children’s educational channel
  • CuriosityStream – factual information channel
  • CBS Justice – crime investigation channel
  • Euronews – news

CBS Justice will be the replacement for recently Crime+Investigation channel whilst the other 3 were not necessarily going to replace the other channels which would’ve been scrapped.

We are excited by the new thrust and range of programming provided by the new channels and we know they will quickly find audiences in Zimbabwe, eager for additional world-class content

Liz Dziva – DStv Manager for Publicity and Public Relations

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