Critical Work For System Upgrade Has Been Happening For The Past Several Months Says EcoCash

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Yesterday, we broke the news that EcoCash won’t be available for 24 hours this coming weekend. According to EcoCash’s spokesperson, the weekend’s planned system upgrade marks the culmination of months of system maintenance. That maybe explains the intermittent and sporadic service outages the platform has been experiencing lately.

The EcoCash system upgrade, for which critical work has been going on over the past several months, will commence on Saturday evening, and is scheduled to be completed on Sunday evening.

We kindly urge our customers to make all their critical transactions before the upgrade, to avoid the inconvenience of falling to transact during the upgrade period on Saturday night and on Sunday. We sincerely regret any inconvenience the upgrade downtime will cause to our valued customers.

EcoCash spokesperson

The worsening cash shortages has increased the use of EcoCash so the system upgrade is meant to optimize the platform so that it processes more transactions efficiently. EcoCash claims that the upgrade will not only will increase the capacity of the platform but also enable it to offer more automated self-care services such as reversing a transaction through the *150# USSD code.

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